Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Freedom Of Information (Part 2)

Yesterday, after growing frustration with the lack of response I have got from my requests for information about the New Strategic Direction, I made a request to Suffolk County Council under the Freedom of Information Act. Almost immediately there was a response for me in my inbox. This confirmed that my request had been recieved and that I would get a reply to it within 20 working days. Of course it remains to be seen what information I actually get via this root. But it feels slighty more hopeful that just being ignored by all-and-sundry.

In the meantime for anybody reading this who might be interested in applying for information under the Freedom of Information Act (and it covers all public bodies not just councils) there is plenty of information about the act and how to make a request on the government's website . Suffolk County Council also has information on its local procedures which can be found on their website:

On a related theme, early on in my odyssey, when I didn't know who my elected County Councillor was I visited the Write To Them website ( If you type in your address and postcode the site will tell you who all of your elected representatives are and give their contact details (from Burough Councillor to MEP). You can then contact the person directly or send an email via the Write To Them Website. I did the latter and this week recieved an emailing entitled 'Did Your County Councillor Reply To Your Letter? The site is apparently trying to collect information about the response rates of our elected represenatives to enquiries from the public.

So, that's it for now- just a case of sitting tight and waiting I guess.

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