Tuesday, 5 October 2010

I had an email from my county councellor this morning. As an opposition concellor she wasn't able to shed any light on the consultation process but will keep me informed when  she does hear anything.
I emailed Ben Gummer  MP for Ipswich this morning. I told him that I was trying, in the first instance, to find out about  the consultation process that is supposed to be taking place with the people of Suffolk prior to the next council meeting on the 2nd December. I received an electronic email from his office acknowledging that my email had been received. I will have to wait for a reply to the specific question.
I haven't had an acknowledgement or a reply from the head of the county council or the chief executive despite emailing them last week. I  have had an email from Customer Services at the County Council in response to a question about the policy for responding to emails. An intial response is supposed to be made within five days. After this each department has it's own time frame. So this doesn't really help me much- what do you do if you haven't received a reply after five days? Send another email?
It's eight days since I decided to try and find out what is going on and to get involved. So far I have found out apsolutely nothing. This says a lot for the concepts of participation.

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