Tuesday, 26 October 2010

A Quick Update

Since I last wrote this blog I have had two emails from Customer Services at Suffolk Council. The first reiterated the Council's committment to engagement with the public but without any information about how this was going to be carried out as the strategy was still being drawn up. I responsed to this stressing my concern about the length of time this is taking and the necessity of doing it in a robust and transparent way prior to the meeting on December 2nd.
Today I have had a further email from Customer Services telling me that councillors and stakeholders will be recieving details of this process of public engagement today and that they will be made public tomorrow. My concern, having read this email, is that the process of engagement is being constucted as an ongoing one- rather than having been designed to ascertain whether or not there is public support for the New Strategic Direction. The Council made a committment to this at the full council meeting on September 23rd.

So, I will wait and see what information is put in the public domain tomorrow.

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